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    Article: Nov 30, 2019
    What the Liberal Democrats are offering children and young people in our manifesto.

    Every child deserves the best start in life.

    That's why children's charities have asked every party leader how their policies will help children and generations to come.

    Here are five things the Liberal Democrats will do to build a brighter future for every young person:

    1. Stop Brexit


    Brexit is a disaster for our young people. It limits our ambitions and our horizons.

    Outside the EU, the UK can no longer take part in the Erasmus student exchange programme for schools, colleges and universities.

    Brexit makes our children less safe. The European Arrest Warrant lets us track down people accused of crimes against children if they move abroad.

    Brexit will make us poorer. If Boris Johnson wins this election, his 'die in a ditch' Brexit policy means we could crash out of the EU's trading bloc in 2021. That would harm our economy and increase debt - meaning we have less to spend on our children and young people.

    Only the Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit so we can spend our £50 billion Remain Bonus on public services, like our schools, and tackling child poverty.

    2. Free childcare


    Under the Conservatives, the gap between the performance of richer and poorer children at nursery school is widening.

    They've turned their backs on families. Working parents can get 30 hours a week of free childcare, but only when their child turns 3 - and it doesn't cover the school holidays. It's been so underfunded that some providers have had to close.

    Liberal Democrats will provide free, high quality childcare for every child from when their parents go back to work to the day they start school.

    The Liberal Democrats' plan includes 35 hours a week, 48 weeks a year, for every child from 9 months to school age.

    We'll pay childcare providers properly, so that every child has a high-quality place.

    3. Reverse school cuts


    Our schools and colleges should be world-class. But instead, they're falling behind.

    Teaching assistants are being sacked. Cash-strapped councils struggle to help children with complex needs. Some schools aren't keeping their doors open for a full five-day week.

    The Conservatives are failing our children. They have cut school budgets to the bone.

    By stopping Brexit, Liberal Democrats can use the Remain Bonus to reverse school cuts with an emergency cash injection.

    By 2024, we'll spend £10 billion a year more on schools, so we can employ 20,000 more teachers.

    Children should come home from school happy, healthy and with all the skills they need to succeed.

    4. Invest in Children's Centres


    Local councils' budgets have been slashed - but more children than ever need their support. Councils are spending more on helping children in crisis, so they've got less to spend on stopping children getting into crisis in the first place.

    Children's centres provide vital support for children and their families in the first years of life. They give advice to parents on how to manage behaviour. They give free post-natal checks for new babies. They're a safe space for toddlers to play.

    Liberal Democrats will support our most disadvantaged young children, by spending an extra £1 billion a year on children's centres.

    5. Support children in poverty

    Under the Conservatives, almost 30% of children were in poverty in 2017/18.

    The Tories botched the roll out of Universal Credit and they made brutal cuts to benefits in 2015.

    Liberal Democrats will support children in poverty. We'll scrap the two-child limit and the benefits cap and let families where both parents work keep more of their money.

    That's why the independent Resolution Foundation says that our manifesto does more to help child poverty than both Boris Johnson's Conservatives or Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party.

    Under the Liberal Democrats, 600,000 fewer children will be in relative poverty than under Boris Johnson.

    The Liberal Democrats are the only party that can win seats off both the Conservatives and Labour - so we can stop Boris Johnson, stop Brexit, and build a brighter future for our children.

  • tactical1
    Article: Nov 29, 2019

    Tactical voting site GET VOTING says Vote Lib Dem!

    Try it here.

  • Ambulance
    Article: Nov 27, 2019

    Only 77.4% of patients arriving at A&E in Chelmsford were treated or admitted within four hours in October 2019, according to damning figures published by NHS England.

    This is well below the official target of 95% of patients attending A&E being admitted, transferred or discharged within four hours.

    Nationally, the 95% waiting target hasn't been met since July 2015. Only 83.6% of patients arriving at A&E across England were treated or admitted in four hours in October, the worst-ever performance since a target was introduced in 2004.

    Liberal Democrat candidate for Chelmsford Marie Goldman said:

    "It is shameful that patients in Chelmsford are being abandoned, be it waiting for hours for treatment in A&E or for months in pain for routine operations.

    "These figures reveal the Conservatives' dismal record on the NHS. For the past four years they have utterly failed to invest properly in our health service, leaving local hospitals underfunded, overstretched and understaffed.

    "Their extreme Brexit would make a dismal situation worse by driving away the EU nurses the NHS desperately needs.

    "The Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and build a brighter future. We will invest an extra £35 billion in our NHS through a penny on income tax and develop a national recruitment strategy to ensure we never again suffer shortages of nurses, doctors and other health professionals."

  • Article: Nov 27, 2019


    email received today

    From: Derek Cole
    Date: 27/11/2019 10:05:44
    Subject: Eric Cole of EKCO would back you.

    If you think it useful, please feel free to print and circulate the following.
    From Derek J.Cole, M.A. (Law), LL.B. (Cantab)
    Having won a C.B.E. for his vital war work, in particular for monitoring the Enigma Code, my father Eric Cole devoted the final post-war years of his life in developing his quiet influence within Southend Conservative Party to secure a continent at peace by seeking 'a United States of Europe'.
    Nothing would give him greater pleasure today that Michael Heseltine has called for a vote against Boris Johnson. In Eric Cole's final years Harold Macmillan (who was injured in both wars) led an enthusiastic cadre of far-sighted Conservatives to seek a central place in Europe. When as Conservative P.M. he named a leader of his European Campaign it triggered my father's last political comment to me - 'I rather like the look of that young man Heath.'
    Today true Conservatives led by Heseltine, Major and Clarke, are emerging from Boris Johnson's European 'valley of the shadow of death' to proclaim the party's greatest achievement since the war, our place in the European Union and a continent at peace.
    Derek J. Cole.
  • Linda Mascot and Tom Willis campaigning GE2019
    Article: Nov 27, 2019

    With the election campaign in full swing, the Lib Dems have teams out across Chelmsford. Linda Mascot and Tom Willis (Councillors for Goat Hall ward) were out on the campaign trail in south Chelmsford.

    Said Parliamentary Candidate Marie Goldman, "Thank you to everyone who has given us a lovely response on the doorstep - especially to those who have opened their doors to us in the dark and the cold!"

  • 2019 GE Manifesto cover
    Article: Nov 26, 2019

    Following the launch of the Liberal Democrats' Manifesto for the 2019 General Election, local Lib Dem candidate Mike Hibbs and the campaign team spent Saturday morning discussing election issues with shoppers of all political opinions in King Street.

    "People in Saffron Walden are telling us how worried they are about the future of this country. The Conservatives' plans for a hard or even no-deal Brexit are causing immense stress and anxiety - never mind the damaging economic consequences" said Mike. "Our 2019 General Election Manifesto outlines a clear plan to build a brighter future for people and the planet. The first step will be to stop Brexit and use a £50 billion Remain Bonus to invest in public services and tackling inequality."

  • Article: Nov 26, 2019
  • Article: Nov 25, 2019
    We will invest £7 billion from our infrastructure budget for new school buildings and repairs to keep up with rising pupil numbers.

    Our schools should be world class, but years of under-investment and funding cuts have left them crumbling, with repairs being unaffordable. It is completely unacceptable that in the 21st century, our children are being taught in Victorian conditions.

    Enough is enough. The Liberal Democrats will invest an extra £7 billion over five years from our infrastructure budget for new school buildings and repairs to keep up with rising pupil numbers.

    The funding will be distributed to local authorities and ring-fenced specifically to be spent on school improvements.

    The Liberal Democrats will not only invest this money in making our schools fit for purpose, but this is in addition to the £10 billion for schools we have promised, as well as hiring 20,000 more teachers.

    As we previously announced, a Liberal Democrat government will attract and retain teachers by increasing their starting salaries to £30,000 and guaranteeing all teachers a pay rise of at least 3% a year over the next Parliament.

    The funding also includes an increase in support for children with special educational needs or disabilities, and money to provide high-quality professional development for teachers.

    A vote for the Liberal Democrats in this election is a vote for ensuring a brighter future for our children.

    Learn more about our Plan for the Future here.

  • Ballot box
    Article: Nov 25, 2019
    By Hilary Shibata

    It's now two weeks since the District Council started sending out Poll Cards for the General Election.

    If you haven't received your Poll Card yet - you may not be registered to vote!

    You can check if your name is on the electoral register by phoning Customer Services at Uttlesford District Council on 01799 510510, or Electoral Services at Chelmsford City Council on 01245 606449.

  • Campaign composite #1
    Article: Nov 25, 2019
    By Hilary Shibata

    Your local Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate Mike Hibbs has been getting out and about. This is one of the largest constituencies in Essex in terms of area so if we've missed you and you would like Mike to visit your area, please contact our Campaign Manager ( to arrange a date.

We believe that YOU should have the final say on the EU exit deal, not a Westminster stitch up. Let's give the people the final say.

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