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  • Cllr Vicky Davies
    Article: Sep 26, 2018
    By Cllr Vicky Davies

    Better investment in mental health care is essential to support our community from cradle to grave but, more importantly, investment must go to acting on findings to make positive changes.

    Mental ill health remains the poor relation of physical illness because the symptoms are often swept under the carpet with patients not receiving suitable care. Worryingly, one in four people will become mentally unwell at some point in their lives with increasing numbers of young people affected.

  • Article: Sep 25, 2018

    The crime and disorder act 1998 defines anti-social behaviour (ASB) as one's behaviour which "caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household" as the perpetrator. Official examples of ASB, to name a few are: Littering or drugs paraphernalia; trespassing; street drinking; vhicle nuisance or inappropriate use; rowdy or inconsiderate behaviour.

  • Article: Sep 25, 2018
    By Sarah Cloke

    A parent or guardian faces 18 years of decision making about a wide range of issues on behalf of their child. Many of those decisions can have broad ramifications and since accurate assessment of risk is challenging for the vast majority of people we need a framework to support our decision making. We rely on experts gathering, analysing and presenting the conclusions from vast amounts of data to provide guidance on topics ranging from education to nutrition. But, how do we decide who is an expert and how do we react to the variety of ways guidance is proposed or imposed? For example, why does the law in the UK mandate your child must wear a seatbelt but only recommends they must be vaccinated?

  • Beechwood Surgery, Pastoral Way, Brentwood - with Dominic Naylor
    Article: Sep 19, 2018
    By Karen Chilvers, Nigel Clarke, Mark Haigh, David Kendall, Dominic Naylor

    Dear Mr Hancock

    Re: Beechwood Surgery, Pastoral Way, Brentwood, Essex CM14 5FW

    The purpose of this letter is to highlight serious concerns we, as five elected councillors representing over 10,000 people in Brentwood, Essex, have regarding our borough's largest GP practice.

    We have, at this point, exhausted accepted complaints processes. The GP surgery has refused to engage with us, even when a request was made by NHS England, and with NHS England and the Health Ombudsman unable to help we feel that it is our duty and responsibility to raise this matter at the highest level and trust in your department to take the appropriate steps to investigate. Our aim is to make the surgery aware of the issues and help them to resolve them and that is why we are sad they will not engage.

  • Army & Navy flyover support column with rust
    Article: Sep 17, 2018

    Essex County Council has finally agreed to a full review of the notorious Army & Navy roundabout. Last week, in a dramatic about face, they closed the flyover indefinitely, after Chelmsford Liberal Democrats published a video showing that the structure was more damaged than the Council had admitted. One of the support columns appears to have moved, since the flyover was closed in August. Watch the video here.

  • Cllr David Kendall
    Article: Sep 17, 2018

    Essex County Council has been asked about plans to tackle the problem of loneliness across the County. Lib Dem Councillor David Kendall (Brentwood South) asked the Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care what new initiatives are planned.

    Reply from Leader of the Council

    'People of all ages are impacted by loneliness and isolation, but this is particularly evident in older people, young parents and people with mental health issues or with disabilities. Social isolation has been shown to impact more on risk of death than AN8 blood pressure, being overweight or moderate smoking. As such I fully recognise the absolute need to address this and the new Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy strongly advocates for this.

  • Mike_Mackrory
    Article: Sep 13, 2018

    More and more care homes are closing down nationwide and in Essex, leaving frail residents and their families worried about their future home. Councillor Mike Mackrory (Leader of the Lib Dem Opposition at Essex County Council) asked the Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care what contingency plans are in place to accommodate displaced residents from the care homes which are being closed.

  • Road Sign small
    Article: Sep 11, 2018

    Essex County Council has been challenged to ensure that careless motorists - not taxpayers - should pay for repairs when they damage Essex CC equipment.

    Cllr Mike Mackrory (Leader of the Lib Dem Opposition at Essex CC) asked the Cabinet Member for Highways about the council's policy for recovering costs of damage to highway items caused by road traffic collisions.

  • Brexitometer Chelmsford
    Article: Sep 10, 2018

    Chelmsford residents showed their unhappiness with the Government's Brexit plans, in a poll in the High Street on Saturday. Chelmsford Lib Dems were out and about asking residents for their views. Many signed up to the Lib Dem campaign for the public to have final say on the Brexit deal, not a Westminster stitch-up.

  • Social care
    Article: Sep 7, 2018

    The Local Government Association has released a 'Green Paper' on Adult Social Care. We need urgent action to save the services caring for older and disabled people from collapse.

    Cllr Mike Mackrory, Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition at Essex County Council, welcomed the Green Paper. He said, "This nationwide consultation must kick-start a desperately-needed debate on how to pay for adult social care. These services are at breaking point, following years of cuts by councils and rising demand and rising costs for care and support."

We believe that YOU should have the final say on the EU exit deal, not a Westminster stitch up. Let's give the people the final say.

Sign our petition here.